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Пройдите тест на знание английского языка

  Данный тест по английскому языку состоит из 42 вопросов, к каждому из которых предлагается 3 варианта ответа. Вам необходимо выбрать один из вариантов, который, на ваш взгляд, является правильным. По окончании теста  вам сообщается результат тестирования и соответствующий ему уровень владения языком: Elementary (начальный), Pre-Intermediate (ниже среднего), Intermediate (средний).

  Желаем успеха!


The noisier the children got, _____ the teacher got.

The girl ____ lives next door is from India.

Look at ______.

He ____ to Milan in an hour.

Whose is this umbrella? It’s _______

Put on your coat or you ___ get cold.

Where are Tom and Lucy?” “They ___ the theatre.

I ____ my work. Can I leave now?

Would you like ______ cake?” “No, thank you.

She is ____ young to go to school.

He ______ a doctor.

_______ have got a motobike.

_______ are green.

He suggested ____ to Helen’s party.

Jim’s ear _____ last night.

If I _____ you, I’d talk to him about my problem.

A:Wow! Look at that man in the beautiful car! B:Yes, he ____ be very rich.

If she had called earlier, I _____ her about the meeting.

They ____ their homework before they went out to play yesterday afternoon.

She said she _____ a new fridge.

Sophie _____ the walls all day before she finished them.

The garden is very untidy. ____ I cut the grass?

You ____ late again, Miss Jones.

I wish I ____ my car here.

I look at ____ in the mirror every morning.

Look at that kangaroo! It ______ its baby.

My aunt ____ a lot of coffee, but now she prefers to drink tea.

Water turns into ice if the temperature ____ below 0ºC.

The moon____ round the earth.

If Robert studies hard, he ____ his exam.

He _____ this picture for two hours.

I ____ home from work when it began to snow.

The dog buried ____ bone in the garden.

Don’t buy ____ butter. We have some in the fridge.

This is a car. _____ is big.

Sarah ____ shopping on Monday.

He offered ____ me an aspirin.

Look at that tree. It _________.

Tom and Jean ____ in Spain last week.

He has the tap _______.

The film is _____ exciting than the other one we saw.

It’s a secret, don’t tell ________.

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